Utah Luxury Real Estate Gets Noticed

Western Home Journal Features Sanctuary Utah

“We are beyond excited to announce that Vachery, Sanctuary Utah’s first luxury home, will be highlighted in Western Home Journal’s Winter issue,” says Tim Charlwood Sanctuary’s founder. WHJ is Utah’s premier luxury mountain home resource showcasing mountain home luxury, exceptional architecture, and premium offerings.

Arhitecture – Utah Luxury Real Estate at it’s best

Environmentally, Sanctuary homes are designed to have less of an impact on the environment. This means geothermal heating and cooling, zero waste water management, xeriscape landscaping, as well as home designs that take advantage of south-facing solar aspects. Designed by James L. Carroll, Sanctuary Utah’s luxury homes are designed to impress. His plans take on a character of their own in each location. Every bedroom has a spectacular view, while the central rooms and kitchens are designed for entertaining.

Un-compromised Style

The homes’ interiors are meticulously designed by Michaelle Peters of Park City, Utah. Throughout her 20-plus-year career, Peters has put her signature on many luxury properties including the Stein Eriksen Lodge at Deer Valley. Every room has its own unique characteristics, creating an environment of its own. “The hope is not to conform to any ‘style’, but convey fun and adventure for everyone and bring the beautiful outdoors in, with a rewarding surprise around every corner,” says Peters. “I want everyone to say, ‘Wow where did you find that?!’”

Shared Monthly Ownership

Keeping to the tradition of separating themselves from the competition, Sanctuary has re-written the rules of shared ownership. At Sanctuary, the entire home is yours, one month at a time, forever. “This is your home to use, to share with friends and family, and start a tradition during your favorite month,” says Charlwood. When asked why Sanctuary sells monthly ownership vs. full ownership, Charlwood responds, “Vacation homes are rarely used, and when they are used, it’s usually only a few weeks out of an entire year. Our goal was to create a stronger sense of community within Sanctuary, and let our owners choose their favorite month. This allows our community to thrive year-round and gives our homeowners the ability to come and go as they please with no reservations and no surprises. It’s also 1/12th the cost.” Owners can buy one month or more.

Learn more about how Sanctuary Utah’s monthly ownership works.