at the Vachery
We have rewritten the rules
in shared home ownership

At Vachery the entire home is yours, one month at a time, forever. This is
your home to use, to share with friends and family, and start a tradition.
Buy one month or more. 

Monthly Shared Ownership

You own it

It’s simply your home one month at a time. Complete with 40 acres, designer furnishings, concierge services, and exceptional outdoor recreation sharing Sanctuary’s 527 acres.

Monthly Shared Ownership

Come and go as you please

• It’s your month
• No reservations
• No surprises

Monthly Shared Ownership

Choose your favorite month or months

• Ski powder in January.
• Wake-surf in July from our beach.
• It’s your choice.

Monthly Shared Ownership

Shared Expenses

• Why invest in an entire home when you can Pay a fraction of the home’s purchase price?
• Pay 1/12 of the operating costs
• Pay 1/12th the HOA fees

Community Basecamp

For seekers of exceptional experiences.

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