The “Shared Experience”

We are very excited to share that Sanctuary Utah was featured in Utah Business Magazine, describing our luxury community as “extravagantly high-end but available at only a fraction of the cost.”

Why pay $6m when you can pay $600k?

Sanctuary’s shared ownership model (not to be confused with a Timeshare) allows luxury vacation home owners choose the month that works best for them, and own their month forever, at a fraction of the cost. Utah Business Magazine said, “by flipping the frustrating timeshare model on its head and creating homes where buyers become “tenants-in-common,” with other owners, sharing the home amongst themselves for a month at a time. “Now you can access a $6 million home, for one-twelfth the price—and yet still own an asset, one that will increase in value and that you can sell your share in if you like whenever you want.”

Unlike a Timeshare, Sanctuary owners actually own the deed to their month, which can be bought and sold on the open market. Even better, at Sanctuary Utah you only pay HOA dues for the months you own.

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